Sectional garage doors - a convenient and cost-effective option

MANO NAMUKAS offers you modern economical garage door, which will serve you for a long time. Garage doors can be sectional (multiple segments) or planar (one segment), which opens to the outside and is then retracted to the garage ceiling.

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It is appropriate to choose a garage door responsibly, because:

  • garage doors keep the heat. Falling costs for heating;
  • garage door isolates the noise;
  • garage door prevents injuries;
  • garage doors increases security;.

Sectional doors open vertically upwards. This will save space in front of the garage and on the inside - this is a decisive advantage when the garage lot is small, or if you have a larger vehicle such as .: SUV or minivan. Elegant modern sectional doors with automation fit each opening of the garage - whether it be square or rectangular, or one segment of the arch at the top.

pakeliami garazo vartai  pakeliami garazo vartai  pakeliami garazo vartai


Garage doors can be lifted manually or automatically. Gates mounted with a CE certified automatic transmission and a very easy operation - one button and you alighted from the car comfortable drive into the garage, no matter how windy or rainy weather may be.

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