Rolet type mosquito gridsRolet type mosquito grids

Product description:

  • Grid roller blind standard product includes: cartridge with net and spring-management mechanism, guide rails and lower profile grid locked, mounting screws, rivets and bolt holes caps mask.
  • Grid profile colors available: white, brown.
  • Optional accessories: braking mechanism, by relaxing tension up if the mesh is high. The braking mechanism is recommended to do if the product is higher than 1,5m.
  • Grid rolet measured: measured light hole, the hole width and height. By placing an order it is necessary to add 6.4 cm width (A) (the width of guides) and 6,5cm height (B) (cartridges and lower profile height). Adding dimensions necessary to ascertain whether the product installation will not interfere with jambs.
  • Grid Rolet must not be: higher than 2.4m, width of 0.4m, wider than 1.5m. 

Product set: 

  • Cassette with mesh and a spring mechanism;
  • The guide;
  • The lower profile;
  • Fixing screws;
  • Rivets;
  • Covers that hides the screw holes. 

Installation procedure: 

  1. Unpacking the product.
  2. The cartridge is inserted into the guides.
  3. Can be installed lower profile.
  4. Right places we use rivets.
  5. The grid is attached to the outer side of the window and the window frame screwed to the specified location.
  6. Tested grid operation.


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