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Are you looking for plastic windows for Your house? You do not know how to choose the most appropriate? We selected the four PVC windows groups. Select the most attractive option.

Or maybe you need a plastic window with a warranty for life?!

We are confident in what we offer. By selecting the products we have received, on Windows you will be calm for a lifetime. Read more about windows warranties.

Practical series windows 

Modern building or housing renewal are getting tougher. OVLO profile has been designed to meet all the requirements. The highest quality of production, aesthetics, durability, safety and comfort. Windows is a high class OVLO lead-free profile for extremely reasonable prices.

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Atractive series windows 

Innovative system: the ENCORE with special inserts has excellent insulating properties. Profile has been created in order to better protect the home and minimize energy loss. Encore windows are intended for passive and energy-efficient construction in particular. The ideal combination of insulating properties and attractive price, make the choice without compromise.

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Exclusive series windows 

The PRIME windows system is an exclusive technical features with an elegant combination of classical design and innovative technology in one product. Created by protecting the environment, making use of the best solutions in order to reduce energy consumption, for easy and safe use.

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Passive series windows 

It's a plastic Windows for for those who are looking for the highest quality window, which will ensure maximum heat, wind and sound isolation. These plastic boxes are produced from Kömmerling 88 MD unleaded 7 camera profile, maximum tightness ensures even 3 sealing gaskets, and the best thermal insulation is achieved using even the 48 mm thick glass with a new generation of selective glass and warm plastic frame.

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Our company sells various models of plastic Windows, produced by the new generation of PVC profiles, which the frame width from 60 to 88 mm. In „MANO NAMUKAS“ You will find different series of products offered by their characteristics and appearance - You just have to decide what works best for You. The most important properties of plastic windows products: heat and sound conductivity, stable construction, suspension, durability, aesthetic and architectural beauty.

We offer a wide variety of shapes and colors, windows and doors for each architectural project. Please fill in the contact form or call us now and you will receive our offer. We are always ready to advise you and help you choose.

Plastic windows and other products are installed according to the rules in force in the construction, building, law no I-1240. The installation services and fitted products will have warrianty as described in the LR civil code (see art. 6.698.). Warranty does not apply to products which the customer has purchased without installation, and transportation services.


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