KÖMMERLING 88 MD (A+ class) - passive windows

KÖMMERLING 88 MD is a new generation uPVC window system that exceeds the thermal insulation standards and sets new design trends. The latest technology ensures complete uniqueness along with unrivaled quality and security.

These uPVC windows are designed as the highest quality product, which will ensure maximum thermal, wind and sound insulation. KÖMMERLING 88 MD are made from 7-chamber Kömmerling 88 MD profile, with a maximum sealing capacity of up to 3 sealing gaskets, and the best thermal insulation is achieved by using up to 56-mm glass packet with a new generation of selective glasses and a warm plastic frame.

  • 88 mm Kömmerling 88 MD profile ensures the best heat insulation, as well as ensure the strength and durability of the window;
  • window design possibilities are almost endless: arched, trapezoidal, triangular windows;
  • triple sealing for maximum tightness under all weather conditions;
  • possibility to use in passive houses in accordance with the standard Ift-Richtlinie WA-15/2;
  • a glass package up to 56 mm wide, allowing for the installation of non-standard sizes of triple glazing; 2-chamber glass package with 2nd ;
  • special strength reinforcing profile allows for the production of large dimensions  windows without warranty limitations;
  • german quality Siegenia fittings;
  • a large variety of standard colors.

Standard colors

Kommerling spalvos

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