Self-cleaning glass

For all customers we offer a self-cleaning glass

How it works?

"Pilkington Activ" - the world's first self-cleaning glass. It uses natural processes and provides the opportunity to avoid the tiring, sometimes dangerous, and often - expensive glass cleaning process. Glass covered with a special coating, performing two functions: the degradation of pollutants and debris removal. In daylight the coating reacts with ultra-violet rays separating organic pollutants. Rainwater, evenly run off down to wash away the dirt from the glass - so devastated photo-catalysis process. Subsequently, the water affects the glass. Glass is hydrophilic, so the water does not accumulate on its surface. "Pilkington Activ" - recently has been fantasy, now has a real price and quite attractive. The last invention in this area - self-cleaning, Sunscreen, blue glass "Pilkington Activ Blue".

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