Roof windows „SKYLIGHT“

Roof windows increases the comfort level in the attic, and also ensures a large amount of sunlight and solar heat. Skylights is aesthetic building design solution that visually increases the space of the room.

We have selected the ideal product -  skylights „SKYLIGHT“. They are produced in the company "Dobroplast", which is the third largest in Europe between PVC window and door manufacturers. Skylights can be installed in a variety of conditions, including very humid areas. The modern design of the product ensures optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, air-tightness and security. Roof window thermal conductivity: Uw = 1.4 [W / m2K].

"SKYLIGHT" is a market leader in product, who knows which features is a must for a high quality roof windows.

Exclusive features of the "SKYLIGHT"

Stoglangiai SKYLIGHT
  • Skylight "Skylight" profile has aesthetic appearance, insensitive to humidity and heat;
  • Four sealing system provides an excellent tightness;
  • Have a safe toughened outer glass;
  • Window gaskets is made from metal sheet covered with polyether varnish;
  • Sealing gaskets suitable for flat and wavy roofing.

Stoglangių akcija

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Available colors and textures:

  • standard RAL 8019 (brown);
  • standard RAL 7043 (gray);
  • golden oak imitation;
  • walnut imitation;
  • redwood imitation.
Golden oak Redwood Walnut
Auksinis ąžuolas Raudonmedis Riešutas

Skylight finish is painted in the chosen color of the roof window. If the roof window finish is with any wood imitation then the nearest appropriate colors will be used as decoration color: RAL 1001 - Pine, 8001 - Golden Oak, 8019 - walnut and mahogany.

Apverciamas stoglangis Skylight Premium

Pivot roof windows „SKYLIGHT PREMIUM“

Roof windows „SKYLIGHT PREMIUM“ is a new product on the market, inspired by the many years of experience. Pivot windows are characterized by aesthetic rounded PVC profile, giving the opportunity to open a window in three positions.

  1. Ventilation position, allowing opening of 0° -30°,
  2. Open a fixed position, allows you to open up to 45°,
  3. When you need to clean and wash the other side of the window, there is a possibility to open up to 120°.

Copyright patented fitting system guarantees complete stability when opening and closing the windows.

Roof hatch „SKYLIGHT LOFT“Stogo liukas Skylight Loft

We can offer you a new product: the roof hatch "Skylight Loft. Evacuation window opening to the side is convenient to get on the roof. "Skylight Loft" is designed on skylight "Skylight Premium" bases. It is made of the same materials, this product has all the window properties. Sash lock at 90 degrees to ensure the safe exit on the roof.


Stoglnagių vėdinimo sistemos

Stoglangių „PREMIUM“ ventilation system

Skylight Premium vents mounted in the window frame of a mechanical respirator of PVC profiles and colors to RAL. Vents ensure air circulation in the room.


Sealing gasketsSandarinimo tarpikliai

Sealing gaskets prevents atmospheric change, rain, flowing water, wind. Sealing gaskets as well as window trim, made of aluminum sheet 3105 H42 kind of RAL - 8019 standard and non-standard 7043. An important advantage of the roof windows "Skylight" is that a special seal leaves absolutely no possibility of leakage of water on the roof.

Loose seals

Loose gaskets enables to insert profiled window frame. Thanks to the elastic elements of the lower block spacer can be installed on the upper outflow of water coverage. For wavy pavement.

Modular seals

Modular seals gives opurtunity to join horizontal and vertical windows together. It can be used only with flat roof coating.


Stoglangio montavimasPremium „Skylight“ skylights must be installed at a suitable height from the floor, in accordance with the law and in order to better meet your goal - to increase the amount of light in the room and functional purpose. Good balance of good light and functionality rules is that the lower edge of the frame must have a height of 110 cm to 125 cm from the floor. We have provided a convenient operation and use of the advantages of the roof panel. Please note that the roof window provides much more light.





Sunroof position

Closed Ventiliation Open 90° Open free Open fixed Open blocked
Uždaryta padėtis Vėdinimo padėtis Lango atidarymo padėtis 90 ° Tarpinė padėtis Fikstuota padėtis Blokuota padėtis