Mano namukas herojus su salmu

Quality assurance phone - +370 640 42422

If you have any comments or complaints about the "MANO NAMUKAS" products or their installation quality, please refer to "MANO NAMUKAS" quality phone – +370 640 35322 .

The main "MANO NAMUKAS" quality system implementation principles:

  • obligations fulfillment pursuit and fastest customer service;
  • manufacturing and supplying the highest possible quality products according to customer needs;
  • good organizational work of all the company's pursuit of the chain;
  • employees' personal responsibility for the results of education;
  • continuous quality supervision and enforcement of the quality system requirements for improvement.

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Quality is controlled

To the top of your customer satisfaction, the company constantly monitors its processes and improving them on a regular basis. Each of our employees are responsible for the work performed and the quality of service.

„MANO NAMUKAS“ your customer is committed to supply only the highest quality windows and doors, as well as their products use only the declared materials. In case of divergence - immediately to eliminate them in accordance with applicable laws in Lithuania.

Any product quality depends on a few details: the production process quality control, quality control during transportation, quality control during assembly, quality service. If at least one place rise despite a slight deviation from the quality standards - the use of such a product will always have some disadvantages. Therefore, choose a seller who quality controls at all stages and for a long time.

The window does not close? Warranty expired?

Call quality phone +370 640 35322 and our staff will be happy to advise you, advise you and help solve your problems. We provide post-warranty repair of doors and windows, regulate the sash, replacing glass packages, install additional locking and tilt details, consult windows acquisition issues.